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Pastoral Care: Clergy ID & Chaplain Application

The Council of Churches of the City of New York offers the Clergy Photo ID to help pastors and Chaplians. For more information, please click here.

About Clergy Network
The Clergy Network is a ministry of the Council of Churches of the City of New York. It provides Leadership training, resources, and collaborative networking for the Clergy of the New York City Metropolitan Area.


Property Tax Exemption Must be Renewed
by February 13, 2012
dividerThe Department of Finance of the City of New York requires that all church owned properties have their Property Tax Exemption renewed as soon as possible. The previous deadline of February 13, 2012 has been extended; however applications must be submitted ASAP. The city of New York has informed the Council of Churches that many churches are in danger of having its Property Tax Exemption revoked.

Failure to renew will result in the loss of Property Non-Profit Exemption. As a result, many will not receive an exemption for tax year 2012/2013.

In order to receive a Not-For-Profit renewal form, you MUST contact the Department of Finance of the City of New York. Call 311 or email,gov.

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